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Tips for Improving Your Tai Chi Skills

It's a great time to expand your practice!

I am often asked, “Now that I have taken a Tai Chi for Arthritis workshop, which routines should I learn next to keep improving my Tai Chi?” No matter how much Tai Chi experience you have, I recommend - taking classes, working with the tai chi principles and practicing daily.

Begin by laying a foundation

First layer – practice, practice, practice. Regular practice is how to get the health benefits of tai chi.  If the only time you do tai chi is when you teach it, you will not reap the health benefits yourself or achieve much beyond a very basic level of understanding. Aim for 30 minutes a day and don’t be afraid to progress to an hour, even if you must break it down to two or three times a day to get there.

Study with a teacher

Second layer – study with a teacher.  It doesn’t need to be a TCHI teacher.  Just an experienced teacher that has a good reputation and some years of study before becoming an instructor. This may seem like an odd time to find a teacher, but many of us have begun leading live online classes. 

Attend workshops

Third layer – attend workshops by experienced tai chi teachers.  Not just certification workshops, but go to deepen your own understanding of tai chi, not with teaching in mind, and integrate the new knowledge into your daily practice. Consider joining me for an online workshop or practice session listed below.

Practice the tai chi principle s

Fourth layer – integrate the tai chi principles into your practice time. Pick one principle at a time, practice with it in mind for three weeks, and then go to the next principle and repeat. To get started look atDr. Lam's article on the tai chi principleson the TCHI website. Then continue and look at his article onExtending the Tai Chi Principles.

Most of all enjoy your practice time.  Relax, play your favorite tai chi music, practice in a new place. The more fun it is for you, the more that shows in your teaching.



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