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Harvard Medical School Names Tai Chi the Best Exercise for Balance

Decreasing falls due to poor balance is one of our biggest challenges as we age or work with the aging population.  Many things help.  Why is Tai Chi so effective? My opinion is that Tai Chi is functional movement, in a slow controlled way that creates body awareness, strength, coordination, and confidence.

The "FEAR of FALLING" is the number one risk-factor for falls in older adults. Doing Tai Chi on a regular basis is "training" our systems to move more efficiently, with less tension and more flow or gracefulness. What we train to do, we improve at and gain confidence with, and therefore build confidence, reducing fear.  Read the Harvard Medical School Article. (If you share this article with clients or potential students, please note that it suggests that Tai Chi can be done barefoot. Tai Chi should always be practiced in flat, comfortable shoes.)

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Maxim Belov
Maxim Belov
Sep 27, 2022

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