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Skillbuilder Workshop

Soaring Crane Qi Gong

October 18 - 20
Montgomery Recreation Annex
Montgomery OH

Learn the five routines of Soaring Crane Qi Gong, one of the most popular qi gong forms in China. This sequence powerfully restores and maintains health, allowing practitioners to feel positive changes in body, mind, and spirit quickly after beginning practice. Once this form is learned it can be done on your own without the need to attend formal classes, though practicing with experienced practitioners can enhance your benefits. Learn the form I've been doing for almost 30 years. Registration details coming soon.

Please note that this workshop is intended to teach Qi Gong for self-care only and does not certify or authorize participants to teach.


Ralph Dehner learned Soaring Crane Qigong from Master Wang Jiwu in1990 and received permission to teach it in 1997. Ralph has a BS in Holistic Studies is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Reiki Master Trainer.

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