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COVID-19 & Tai Chi

We all know that tai chi and qi gong can be an important part of self care during stressful times, and we have been in a heightened state of stress for almost a year now. But can tai chi help with more than just stress reduction?

Decades ago, studies in China showed that people who did tai chi regularly had better immune system resonances than non-practitioners. In addition, tai chi practitioners have been shown to have better oxygen saturation and distribution rates than even world-class marathoners according to Peter Anthony Gryffin. In Mindful Exercise: Metarobics, Healing, and the Power of Tai Chi. Dr. Gryffin shows that many of the health benefits of tai chi come from this increase in O2 levels.

Because many people with COVID-19 have significantly reduced oxygen levels, it makes sense that tai chi could be useful in rebuilding oxygen saturation. This video shows that Russian hospitals have been experimenting with using tai chi to help patients recover from the virus.



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